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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of transformation with our Phoenix Wings. Inspired by the majestic wings of the phoenix, this unique luminaire embodies the power of rebirth and serves as a reminder that from ashes and fire, new brilliance can emerge. This luminaire radiates with a warm glow, symbolizing the strength of change and new beginnings. The Phoenix's wings serve as a reminder of the ability to emerge stronger from challenging times and to rise above.

Phoenix Wings

SKU: WG_002m
Sales Tax Included
  •  Neon Wings on Transparent Backing.

    Dimensions: As per selection in cm

    Lamp Type: Neon

    Material: Acrylic

    Wall Mounting for Indoor Use

    Power Supply: AC/DC Adapter (CE, ROHS), Output 12V, Input 100-240V

    Symbolic Image: Color may vary slightly depending on the room's lighting conditions. Product size in the photo may vary based on the chosen option (S, M, L, see measurement in cm). Mounting kit (screws & cables) included, cable cover for the wall not included. Please read and follow usage and operating instructions, as well as warnings.

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